I Bought a Lot of Stuff! (Lesson Two)

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Richard here.

Now, when I first started out online and trying to get this making money online ‘Thing’ working, I probably, just like you tried and bought a lot of stuff.

And I mean a LOT of stuff!

To be brutally honest with you, I spent and wasted a bloody fortune on a lot of products over the months and years.

I was buying the stuff you see at places like the Warrior Forum and JvZoo etc.

Now some of the stuff was okay, and I did learn quiet a bit from the ebooks and videos I bought, but I would guess that 8 out of 10 were a total and complete waste of money.

I could cry just thinking about it!

Most of the stuff I bought only cost $5 to $7, but I still say most of them were not even worth that.

Come to think of it…..Forget 8 out of 10 were terrible…..It was probably more like 9 out of 10!

It was more luck that management, but I did eventually have a breakthrough, which pretty much changed everything for me and got me finally to the point where I slowly but surely started to make money online.

As I was, it was not really planned, it just sort of happened but I’m not going to cover it here because I go into full detail in my book ‘The Lazy Man’s Way To Online Riches’ which I think is a must read for just about everyone.

You can grab a copy;- ‘The Lazy Man’s Way To Online Riches’

I would say that this breakthrough I had is the reason I’m still making money online today, years after most have come and gone.

And do you know the best part?

I want you to have it Soooo much, I’m practically giving you it!

You can steal from me at the link >HERE<

Speak to you tomorrow.

Have a great day.

All the best

Richard (A Lot Of Stuff) Gibson



It’s Just Happened Again! (Lesson One)

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Hi ,

I got asked again yesterday.

But, I wasn’t surprised.

Because I get asked all the time… 

“Richard, what’s the best way to start making money online?”.

And I always give the same answer;-

“Stop playing around and wasting your time on facebook, Twitter and Google and get started collecting emails and building yourself a list”.

Now, the reason I tell people this is because, your list IS your online business.

It’s the people on your list that are going to be buying from you and putting money into your pockets, so building your list and looking after the people on it has GOT to be your number one priority.

Now don’t get me wrong…

All the other stuff such as finding products or creating products to offer to your list is important, but this is the easy stuff and can be done very quickly.

For example…

I recently found a great product that I offered to my subscribers list, and I think it took me 2 to 3 minutes at the most to find it!

I’ve also created a full product in less than 15 minutes.

I could probably do it in less than 10 minutes if I tried!

As I say, to get started making money online, you simply need to start building yourself an email list.

Which brings me nicely onto a fantastic book of mine, where I have pretty much covered everything I did to finally turn things around online and start making good money online.

Details here:

Take A Look At This HereIf you fancy reading how I got started online and making really, REALLY good money, then go get yourself a copy of my book.


I’ll share with you EVERY last detail.

Richard (Kick-Ass) Gibson


You Can Now Buy My Solo Ads

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So, after a few months of buying solo ads and swapping solo ads as well and banking them, I am now in the position where I have a pretty good sized list myself.

This means I’m now able to sell solo ad clicks myself and because my list is new, the optin rates I have been getting for buyers has been great and I’m now getting the same customers coming back time after time which is great.

You can check out my solo ads for yourself by click clicking on the link below;-


Click The Button Below For My Solo Ads




My Michael Hamm Solo Ad Review (Bulldog Marketing)

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Hi everyone,

So as you may remember from my last post, I had great success with a solo ad promotion I had bought from Cal Champlin, although I do think that Cal really over delivered and gave me far more clicks than the 100 clicks I had bought from him. Anyway, last week I bought a solo ad from Michael Hamm of Bulldog Marketing. Again I went for the 100 clicks which I paid $50 for 100 clicks.

Its 6 days now since he sent out the emails and all the sign-ups to my list appear to have stopped now, so I think I’m pretty safe in  posting my solo ad review, so check it out below;-

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My Cal Champlin Solo Ad Review

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Okay, so following on from you last post where I mentioned that I was going to be buying and trying a few solo ads as a way of building my email mailing list.

I recently bought my very first solo ad and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Now its just about a week or so now since I bought my very first solos ad. I bought it from a guy called Cal Champlin. Cal has two options, he has a 125 clicks for $40 and also a 250 clicks for $80.

Now because this was my very first solo ad and I was just testing the water, I went for the cheaper 125 clicks for $40.

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My Solo Ad Sales Funnel

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In my next post I’m going to start telling you about the results I’ve had from the various solo ads I’ve just started to buy and test, but before I move on to all that I just want to fill you in on exactly where I’m sending this traffic and what happens once that traffic clicks on the link of mine that’s in the email the guys I’m buying my solos ads from send out.

Where Do I Send The Solo Ad Traffic I’m Buying?

I recently set up my fist website with a built in sales funnel for the solos ads I’m buying.

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My Solo Ad Reviews and Results

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Hi Guys,

I recently set up a simple little squeeze page with the idea of building a list from it – BUT, there’s a problem!

The problem is, Google hates squeeze pages, so there really isn’t going to be any free natural traffic to my squeeze page from Google.

So, I have decided that instead of doing the usual article marketing, blog posts, YouTube video s etc. I have decided that I will try Solo Ads just to see if this is a worthwhile way to build myself a decent size list.

What Is A Solo Ad?

Basically, its someone sending out of an email containing a link to your site to their mailing list. They are only sending your email (Ad) out with your link. Your website is the only one getting mentioned in this particular email that is getting sent out (Solo).

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Ebay Still Working Well…

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So, it’s been a little while since I gave you all an update on my quest to make a full time income online. So just to bring you up tp speed with things here’s am update;-

So, ebay at the moment is my number one generator of online income. I’m selling quite a few DVD’s which have 30 to 50 books on them. I mentioned before that I was selling a DVD on ebay which is full of old Moonshine books. You know the kind of thing – How to make a moonshine still – How to make the mash – Moonshine recipes etc…etc… Read more…


Moonshiners TV Show

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How strange is this?…

So, a few weeks ago, I started to sell a collection of old Moonshine books on eBay.  Now these are really old Moonshine books from the 1800’s and these books have then been scanned and converted into PDF’s and then put onto a DVD. I think there’s around 30+ books in total, covering everything from how to build a moonshine still and the many various old time moonshine recipes….. Read more…

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My Second Week On Ebay

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Okay, so I think I’m just about into my third week now on eBay having had a good solid two weeks listing and listing and listing and things seem to be going okay.

Without giving too much away and having you rush out to see what items I’m selling on eBay and maybe even copying me!….I will just tell you that the items I’m listing are very light – They are easy to store – They don’t crack or break, like fragile objects would or break like electrical goods etc. So, the items I’m selling are pretty good for selling and then shipping out, and shipping is another area that my items are perfect, because an item will fit into a regular low cost strong envelope and ship for just a few Dollars….. Read more…

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