A Few Squeeze Page Kick-Ass Tips!

Your Squeeze Page

Let’s take a look at your squeeze page.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Internet marketing squeeze pages, they generally all look very similar to each other, and to be honest, that’s not good!

And here’s why they all tend to look the same.

Most Internet marketers will have a look around and see a squeeze page which they THINK must be working well, so they go and copy it. Then someone else then goes and does the same thing.

Before you know it, everyone and his Dog has exactly the same looking squeeze page with very, similar headlines and everyone is seeing the same looking squeeze pages over and over again.

When you’re creating your squeeze page, try to make it as unique as you possible can.

The more you can make it different from all the other squeeze pages out there and make it stand out, the better it will convert which means more opt-ins for you.

I’ve tried a LOT of different type squeeze pages over the years and I tend to find that a plane and simple squeeze page works the best.

Here is all you need on your squeeze page;-

      1. A nice big headline
      2. A short sub-headline
      3. The opt-in form
      4. Maybe a picture of the free gift they are going to get or a photo of you, works well.

That’s IT!

You don’t need anything else.

Keeping it simple and make it a little targeted. This helps keep out that you don’t want on you list.

Lets say your freeby is about Facebook traffic, then make sure you mention this on your squeeze page. This way someone who has zero interest in Facebook traffic isn’t going to sign up.

The last thing you want is a Facebook traffic list you’ve built up thats got a large percentage of people on it that has no interest at all in Facebook traffic!

Also, make sure you only have an email address field for visitors to fill in.

Most opt-in forms ask you to enter your name and email address, but asking for a name lowers conversion rates and you really only need the email address anyway.

What is a good conversion rate for a squeeze page?

I aim for at least a 40% opt-in conversion.

This simply means that if I have 100 visitors to the squeeze page, then 40 of them will opt-in and subscribe to my list. I’ve had a lot higher than that but I always make sure that my squeeze page is slightly targeted as I mentioned a minute ago.

If I’m building say a make money on Youtube list, then the freeby I give away will obviously be a make money on Youtube freeby, and it will be very clear on the squeeze page that they are opt-in in for a make money on Youtube freeby.

You can increase your opt-in rate by having a mystery type squeeze page, but I don’t recommend them.

You must also keep testing and tweaking your squeeze page to try and get that conversion percentage up. Changing the headline is by far the most effective way to increase opt-in rates.

To create your squeeze page and the rest of your sales funnel, I would suggest using a combination of WordPress and either Profits Theme or Optimize Press.

I build all my sites in WordPress because I can create a full website very quickly and easily.

Profits Them and Optimize Press are plug-in for WordPress and make creating squeeze pages and offer pages super easy. They allow you to quickly create and edit your web pages and it’s also a breeze to add-in your Autoresponder form code into a page.

Your Free Gift – Freeby

To get people to opt-in to your squeeze page you need to give away something for free. Some kind of free gift to entice your visitors to want to opt-in to your list and get their hands on this freeby.

This can be a simple 2 to 4 page PDF report, a short video which you could make on your computer

Once you know what your free offer is going to be, you can then write your squeeze page headline to match your free gift you’re giving away.

Once they opt-in and join your list you can then deliver the free gift to them using your Autoresponder This will send an email out to them just as soon as they enter their email address into the opt-in box on your squeeze page.

Its this first email you use to send them the link to the free gift.

Make sure the free gift you are giving them is good – This is important.

Alway great this free gift yourself if you can, so you know its good. If you can’t then pay someone to do this for you, but again make sure that its a quality report or video you are giving them.

This is important because there is a lot of crap out there and you need your subscribers to know that you are different and are someone providing quality. This helps massively when you start to offer and promote products to your subscriber list.

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