How To REALLY Make Money Online With Internet Marketing

So can you really make money online from Internet marketing…?

How do you get rich quick online?

How can you become an Online internet Millionaire?

Well, here’s that thing.

Yes, you CAN make money online and in 101 different ways. The hard part is sticking to that ONE method you choose!

You follow and Internet marketing Guru online and so you…

Decided to try and make money from email marketing and you decide to put up a simple squeeze page with a private label product (PLR) as you freeby to give them once they have opted in to your list through your squeeze page.

Let’s now assume that to make money from this and because you don’t have your own make money product, you have decided to offer an affiliate product from say the Warrior Forum or JvZoo.

Now you need traffic to your squeeze page, so the next thing you do is go buy a 100 click solo ad from a solo ad seller on facebook.

You sit back and wait for the sales to come in and the money to start flooding into your Paypal account and this time next week you’ll be rich!

The next day you login to your paypal account to see how much money you have made, only to find that you haven’t even made a single Dollar. Not one Cent!

You now assume that this email marketing, make money online thing you’ve just tried doesn’t work and that you’ll never make money from it, so you decide to move on to the next thing. You take a look at the Warrior forum and see  new product about making money from Facebook ads, and so you decided to give that a try.

Two weeks later and the Facebook ads thing you tried didn’t work, but you’ve just bought yet another product, so you are now trying your hand at building a mailing list using Youtube.

And so it goes on and on and on……

Does ANY of this sound at all familiar to you?

Don’t worry if it does because this is pretty much typical of 99% of those people that jump online and try their hand at making money from the Internet.

They might have tried selling Solo Ads – List building – creating a sales funnel – Google Adsense – SEO stuff – Selling a PLR product they bought – etc….

But the ONE thing that these 99% of people do is……


Yes, you really can making money from all sorts of online methods, but you’ve got to pick that one method you like and frickin stick with it!

If its not made you money thing the first few days, go back and see what needs improving and where you can make changes.

If you do this and keep focused, then slowly but surely you WILL start to see things change for the better.

All successful online marketeers didn’t just get out of bed one morning and decided that they were going to start making money online and then start making money by lunchtime.


They worked away at ONE thing that they had a passion for and kept at it till they had it working and pulling in the money.


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