Keep Still. Stop jumping around! (Lesson 4)

Now in my last message I told you that people are just like Kangaroos and are always jumping from one thing to the next.
One week they are buying stuff about making money from facebook.

Then a couple of weeks later they have dumped facebook and are now buying stuff on becoming an Amazon affiliate.
Then a week or two later it’s something else, and something else.

They are just jumping about all over the bloody place!

It’s crazy and stupid, but they just keep doing this over and over again.

Now, I don’t know if you’re like this or not. But, if you are like this, even if it’s just a little, then you need to stop.
You want to make money online right? Then you’ve got to stop all this crazy ‘jumping around’. I’m telling you know, to stop.

Pick ONE thing and stay with it till you have got it working.

I’ll tell you something – If more people stuck to just one thing and gave it enough time and energy, then there would be way more people making their living online than there is right now.

I see so many people that are trying to make money online, jump head first into something for a week or two and then when its not pulling in any money, they assume it’s never going to work, so they drop it and jump onto the next think.

If this is you, then listen to your Uncle Richard…..You are NOT going to do this any longer.

If you’ve done this in the past….even a little…then stop right now and follow what I’m going to start showing you.

The stuff I’m going to show you is online money making Gold and in my opinion, it’s the best online money maker out there.


Well, because it fricking works, that’s why.


It will keep working month after month, year after year.

It’s what I do to make money online and it’s what I’m going to be teaching you to do as well, because you WILL make money from it if you stick with me.

Do as I say and only concentrate on this and nothing else. So no more looking for the next golden Goose!

You have finally found this ‘Best Thing’, so well done to you and tomorrow we are going to get started.

Yes, I know I said in the last message that we’d start today, but I decided I needed to just get you sharpened up and focused first, which is why I just wanted to talk to you today about only working on one thing, and staying with that one thing till you get it fine tuned and making, money for you.

Now, before I go today, I just wanted to mention my book to you for the last time;-
‘The Lazy Man’s Way To Online Riches’.

If you haven’t got yourself a copy go do it now. Just click the blue book title and it will take you there.

Just do yourself a favor and watch the short video I have done for you. It’s only a few minutes long. The link to the video is here >Video Link<
Get ready to roll up your sleeves because the good stuff starts tomorrow!

All the best
Richard (Not jumping around) Gibson.

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